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    Path of a Creative Warrior

    • Define Template

    • Imagination, Creativity & Mark Booth's book

    • Introduction to Heal Thyself Video Mini-Series: The Ouroboros as a symbol

    • Messages to Thyself

    • One Chapter Lesson "Between The Hedges" from Love & Business Video Book-: A Creativity LAYERING Example

    • Did you ever wonder why...

    • How did I get here? Healing Case Study Intro.

    • Heal Thyself part 2 food allergies

    • Art & Fear- text only, video coming

    • Power of the Pair- text only, video coming

    • Viktor provides us more clues on man's quest for the meaning in life- text only video coming

    • More Text References to this Course

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    Heal Thyself... vibrational medicine templates

    • Creativity Mudra

    • Facing Fear Mudra

    • Negativity Release Mudra

    • Guilt Release Mudra

    • What is Vibrational Medicine?

    • My Mudra Teacher, Sabrina Mesko

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    Case Studies in Creative Applications

    • Intro to Shopify Part One: Beach Collection Build Out Case Study

    • Intro to Shopify Part Two: Shopify Functionality explored inside Erica's Shop

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