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    Digital Efficiency Tips & Tricks

    • Intro to How to Create your own Custom RSS Newsfeeds

    • Inoreader.com-signing up for an incoming 3rd party newsletter

    • Inoreader.com Newsfeed: How to assign a new incoming newsletter to an existing folder

    • Elegant Turf: a real life example of an RSS Newsfeed built on paper-li attached to wix.com - See Notes before playing video

    • Tech Tip: adjusting video play speeds in video courses

    • Second Take on Mute and other Video Course Functionality

    • Coupon for free digital copy of Love & Taxes! Your instructor's True Story written for digital warriors just like you.

    • 15% Discount Coupon for Online Store. Original art on apparel, accessories & home decor

    • Favorite Content for Future Courses?

    • ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS of the Team!

    • Course Disclaimer

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